Traditional medicine has many triumphs, but its treatments for chronic and degenerative diseases are not among them. Conventional treatments do not address the causes of the disease, frequently resulting in treatment increasing disease progression and delaying the correct approach to appropriate therapy. Often times with little benefit and very often at a terrible cost to the patient's quality of life.


BIOMEDICAL CANCER CENTER offers good treatment options for cancer patients and has more than 20 years of experience practicing Medicine.


Depending on the diagnoses and individual circumstances, biological-integrative treatments can serve as the main or as a complement to therapy, this means that in cases where orthodox treatment is performed, BIOMEDICAL CANCER CENTER applies respective preparation and follow-up care to significantly improve outcomes.


Cancer can only be cured if its underlying causes are also treated.


Cancer patients are constantly increasing. The causes are multifactorial: said causes are related to altered lifestyle habits and large-scale emotional problems, as well as to agriculture, processed foods and poor eating habits.


Conventional foods are increasingly grown by the application of large amounts of artificial fertilizers. That's why these foods are exposed to significantly higher concentrations of heavy metals, nitrates, and pesticides than organically grown foods. On the other hand, "groceries" grown in this way contain hardly any vitamins, minerals or trace elements. Consequently, we are more and more frequently forced to buy expensive supplements, because their availability from the natural source is being reduced.


The Biological Treatment of cancer is based on combined comprehensive strategies. Consequently, Biological medicine has developed individual combinations of various therapies in order to cure the patient, rather than the disease itself.

A key aspect, of course, is also prevention. A healthy lifestyle that includes an ideal diet, sufficient physical activity and emotional stability are perfect conditions for a significant reduction in risk. We consider these issues to be of the utmost importance.


BIOMEDICAL CANCER CENTER has extensive experience in treating various types of cancer. In keeping with our approach, we exclusively offer biological therapies.


The biological treatment of cancer offered by BIOMEDICAL CANCER CENTER in general aims to achieve several objectives, which in interaction - lead to ideal results:


- Treatment to fight cancer cells and prevent metastasis and strengthen the immune system

- Search and elimination of the causes that promote cancer

- Biomedical Cancer Center is now located in a high-level hospital center that has everything you need for your comprehensive well-being, located in the city of Tijuana, B.C, south of San Diego, CA. Tijuana, a city known for its development at the health level for decades where high-level medicine is practiced in medical treatments with qualified personnel who will provide the detoxification support that your body needs to strengthen your digestion, and build an immune system healthy, all the building blocks to maximize healing and health maintenance.


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