Adjuvants of Immune System Activation

The adjuvants are external or internal substances that help or potentiate the Immune Response, they can be proteins, cytokines or certain products that have the ability to trigger the immune response, but their individual application is not effective, for this reason it is added to the Cell Therapy phase, with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of the Immune Response.

How does Iscador work in the body of a person affected by cancer?

Research studies reveal, among others, the following effects:

  • – It induces apoptosis of tumor cells. Thus, the tumor stops growing and even starts to decrease in size and occasionally disappears. Apoptosis is a phenomenon known as programmed cell death or “cell suicide”. Simply, degradation fragments on cells, delimited by a membrane, which engulf and destroy bacteria and other foreign materials by other immune system cells.

  • – There is research in the field of genetics, which disclosed the fact that all the body’s cells have, in their genome, programming of their own lifetime. When this is activated, the cell self-decays and dies. From this knowledge, genetic theories have been developed, which try to explain cancer as the result of a failure in the genetic programming, and this is what makes a normal cell become cancerous.

  • – Increases the number and activity of immune cells (lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils), depressed by the disease and by the administration of immunodepressant or immunosuppressant treatments (Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy).

  • – Protects the DNA of healthy cells in the body against the toxic effects of cytostatic and cytotoxic drugs (chemotherapy).

  • It produces an infiltrate of inflammatory cells around the tumor, which delimits the tumor, causing its encapsulation and thereby significantly reducing the risk of distant metastasis, added to the reduction in tumor size.

  • – Increases body temperature, important prerequisite for the proper performance of metabolic and immunological activities (including the anti-tumor immunity) in humans.

The sum of these effects, proven by scientific observation, lead to improvement  in the quality of life for the person with cancer, which clinically translates (what the patient experiences) in:

  • – Increase vitality.

  • – Increase body energy.

  • – Increase appetite.

  • – Increase body weight

  • – Increase body temperature.

  • – Sleep recovery

  • – Increase resistance to bacterial infection and viral infestations.

  • – Less prone to emotional depression.

  • – Significant reduction to tumor-related pain.

The side effects that occur with the administration of Iscador are as common as the administration of any medication: allergic and pseudo-allergic reactions (Urticaria, Rash, etc.), fortunately they are extremely rare. In rare cases it can heighten the symptoms of phlebitis (inflammation of veins), mainly associated with veins in which previously chemotherapy was applied. This is temporary, it is not significant and it has never been a reason to reduce the dosage of Iscador. 



Interferon is an important protein for the activation of cytotoxic cells, it has been evaluated for a couple of decades in patients with certain types of tumors and infectious processes with good results, and it is a good adjuvant for the Immune Response. The Interferon has demonstrated to decrease the expression of angiogenic factors (factors that promote vascularization of tumors), thus influencing on the delay in the appearance of metastases. When lymphocytes are activated, they produce and release more interferon, thus maintaining for a longer time the activation of the immune system.


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